Plano Milling Series

Horizontal Milling Machine
CNC Double Column
Machining Center

Plano Grinder Series




Plano Miller Heavy Duty Double Housing Milling Machine
High rigid & stable construction
Large load capacity
Machine has high stability
Suitable for heavy cutting
Suitable for various working types
Labor & time saving
Coarse & fine working can be completed at one time
Horizontal Milling Machine
Side milling head (10HP Motor)x1 set
Automatic lubricate system of X axis
Sliding guard for table drive
Ball screw for table drive
Turcite-B on table slideway
Tool & tool box x 1 set

CNC Double Column Machining Center
Cross-beam vertical travel up/down.
Large working area for large or medium parts set up.
Easy installation & removal of cutting tool by foot step
Don’t require professional operator to operate.
Cross-beam positioning is locked by a hydraulic system.
Machine is ruggedly constructed throughout and giving Max.
stability & rigidity.
The plano miller offers variety functions such as milling,
drilling, tapping, spline & key way cutting, et cetera.
All slideways have automatic lubrication system.
Hardened slideways on three axes making the machine
ideal for heavy duty cutting.

Plano Grinder Series
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